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Generally, interview is a 2-way traffic and a fair session for the employer to assess the candidate as well as for the candidate to raise questions and clarify their doubts on the role, functions and organisation's business. It also serves as an opportunity for the candidate to get a feel of the company's culture and working environment.

Candidate should see the 'interview session' as an 'entry-pass' to lead them to the route of their ideal career path. Hence you should be prepared and make sure you practice, practice and practice prior to the actual interview.

Here is a list of helpful tips for you when attending interview. A highlight on the most important Do's and Don'ts, as well as Common Interview Questions to prepare you for a successful interview.

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List of DO's
  1. Dress appropriately; formal working attire; ironed your clothes
  2. Present a neat and clean appearance; fresh breath; pleasant body fragrance
  3. Arrive at least 10 minutes earlier before the interview; do your homework to check the exact location on map and confirm the interview's time
  4. Greet the interviewer with firm handshake; make eye contact; exhibit friendly facial expression
  5. Walk without dragging your feet and keep your shoulder and back upright
  6. Sit still and upright in your seat; avoid shaking leg or playing with fingers
  7. Maintain good eye contact during the interview
  8. Listen carefully and be concise in your reply
  9. Clarify with the interviewer if you don't understand a question
  10. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer; avoid asking questions that already mentioned during the interview or can be found from the website
  11. Be honest and present positive attitude
  12. Understand the next step in the hiring process; expected duration to hear from the HR / Hiring Manager; what's next
  13. Depart gracefully; a firm handshake; a pleasant and professional greeting
List of DON'T's
  1. Don't forge your certification, transcript or application information
  2. Don't make negative comments about current or previous employers / colleagues
  3. Don't ask about salary and benefits details unless this is raised by the interviewer
  4. Don't interrupt the interviewer while he/she is talking
  5. Don't behave casually even if the interviewer crack a joke or strike a casual conversation with you during the interview; knowing the limit
  6. Don't allow your cell phone to ring; keep it in silence mode
  7. Don't chew gum or bite sweet
  8. Don't beat around the bush when answering a question
  1. Tell me about yourself; in terms of job experience, education, etc.
  2. Your reasons for leaving your current employment.
  3. What do you like to achieve in your career goal?
  4. What are your weaknesses / strengths?
  5. What do you like about the role with our company?
  6. How can you contribute to the role with our company?
  7. What kind of company culture or working environment you are most comfortable with?
  8. How do you work under pressure?
  9. How would you view needing to relocate for the job?
  10. Are you open to frequent travel if the job required?
  11. What are a few most important things to you in your job?
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